Things To Consider While Picking Diamond Jewelry Online

People are obsessed with diamond jewelry. Whether it’s a marriage, birthday or anniversary, men and women prefer wearing diamond jewelry more than any other gemstone. To meet the increasing demand, even the manufacturers and retailers have increased their trades in diamond jewels. Diamond has gradually become the symbol of elegance and love amongst the masses.

Retailers have switched from physical stores to online stores to sell diamond rings and necklaces. It saves cost, time, and energy. However, if you are looking to buy diamond jewelry online, be ready with an analysis.

Using Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia might sound like a foreign word to you, but it is a commonly used material in the diamond industry. It is a replica of diamond and way cheaper in price as well as in quality. However, if a customer is buying diamonds online, he or she would not be able to make out through naked eyes. You may want to buy it because it gives the same look and is inexpensive, but people who want to purchase real diamond jewelry must be cautious.

Check for faded color

Often you will find the color of diamonds in the jewelry faded or turning yellow, which may not be shown in the picture uploaded on the website. You must check that the color is not grey or brown because you might be inviting trouble by ordering diamonds in such colors. You can purchase diamonds available in several other shades like blue, green, and orange.

Assess the weight of carat

This is one of the essential details that you need to assess carefully before buying diamond jewelry options online. Weight of the carats influences the price of diamonds the most. One carat refers to ⅕ grams. So, if you tend to purchase diamond jewelry that weighs more in terms of carats, you will have to end up paying more.

Precisely look for inclusions

A crystal clear diamond is considered the most valuable and precious. It is difficult to check the clarity of the diamond pieces online, but you can confirm if the diamond is clear or not by its grade. Ideal diamond jewels with clarity are graded between 12 and 13. However, you cannot distinguish the class of a diamond by its weight. Higher the category of a diamond, the price rises exponentially.

Ask for a valid certificate

A legitimate certificate from a gemological lab is mandated. Buyers must ensure that their jewelry is certified as it determines the quality of a diamond. Diamond jewelry costs a considerable amount and hence should not be purchased without a certificate.

Quality tops the list when you are seeking to buy jewelry online like diamond earrings, pendant, rings online. Diamond jewelry by Motisons Jewellers is amazing and worth the deal.


5 Things To Avoid While Buying Gold Ring For Men

Gold jewelry is not only beautiful but is a symbol of love. For women, jewelry is the best friend and in fact, enhances their beauty. For men, it has a different meaning altogether. Let’s close on a few things that you must be aware of while handpicking a gold ring for your partner.

Men prefer sober and elegant rings but finding the right kind of ring for your man that suits his personality. A little effort and mindfulness can help you avoid some of the common mistakes while choosing a gold ring for man.

Gold Ring for Men

Neither feminine nor too flashy

Since men can be particular in selecting the right rings for themselves, it is essential to understand what they need and expect. Thus, they are the ones who often look for rings that are not too flashy. Heavy stones and bright metals are usually feminine, and thus, men prefer rings that look more decent yet classy.

The comfort of the ring

There are a lot of times when things that look beautiful are not the ones that are comfortable when you use them. Therefore, avoid making such mistakes. Since you do all the hard work to get the right gold ring for men, it is important to see the comfort as well.

Sometimes, unfinished rings are the ones that cause trouble when you wear them. Thus, be mindful of such things and avoid the mistakes when you are buying the right ring for your man.

Buy from a reputable source

Since investment in gold rings needs proper detailed analysis, it is crucial that you buy the men’s jewelry from a reliable store. There are numerous stores with a plethora of options for rings and other jewelry for men. After all, a gold ring is not something you take for granted. Even though men are picky, it should always be bought from trusted stores only. This ensures the authenticity of the ring as well as convenience.

Don’t go shopping alone

When you are looking for the right type of ring for your man, ensure you take someone with yourself. This may be your man himself, or someone who can help you in making a choice.

Having a company along not only keeps you out of confusion but also makes it easy to come to a decision. Along with that, when in doubt, you can always rely on the person you trust.

Men's Gold Rings

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Why Diamonds Are Perfect Gift For All Occasions

If there’s anything that has been shining since forever, it’s the ‘diamond’. This carbon allotrope has literally harbored a desire to get owned by the most powerful empires. History has tremendous examples itself. So, while talking about diamonds it should be known that in a metaphorical sense diamonds are actually more valuable than humans.

Diamonds have always been a symbol of prosperity and respect. Those who own them feel its sheer presence. And if it is shining bright, then the odds of people not looking at it are surely going to be slim. When gifted, they carry lot of emotion, respect, admiration, love; these are the synonyms associated with diamonds. This guide aims to chalk down why diamonds are the perfect gift for all occasions.

A classic

If history has taught us about kings and queens, then it has also taught us about the presence of big diamond in the background of every famous painting with a king/queen in it. Diamonds have always remained timeless. Ancient rulers were buried with their belongings, which included their diamond collections as well. And that’s not all; these tombs containing such expensive items were well protected and secretive at the same time.

Hence, a diamond is always a classic; every man/woman knows its value. That’s why you’ll often see a people wear diamond wedding ring because it signifies a sense of belonging, commitment, and respect. As a gift, it’ll surely raise the value of the relationship.


A high price is a surety, and so is scarcity. Diamonds have such variants which are extremely rare, and these unique varieties give them uniqueness like no other substance ever enjoys. If it is real and rare at the same time, then one should be ready to empty a huge stack of notes to buy one of them.

Such diamonds when introduced into an occasion become the burning sensation. A rare diamond ring will surely get people talking than your regular gold plated one. Such is the nature of this substance is its little shine captivates people.

A symbol of elegance

Diamonds have been around this planet for millions of years. A lot of time, pressure and temperature have given them the status which they possess now. Having a diamond brings out specific good memories with it. They also bring about the collection mania if someone really gets serious about them.

Wearing a diamond accessory on a special occasion gives the boldness, a character needs. Gifting one to a close friend will make your bond stronger, and it actually happens for real. Diamond is such an elegant piece of jewelry that people dream about gifting a diamond ring, bangle, watch to those who have a special place in their lives. Such is the power of the diamond which brings everyone close for a special moment.


Diamonds are probably the best shapeshifters of all time. Though technically, they still need geometric surfaces to reflect light to shine for the sake of simplicity. Diamonds can literally be turned into dust, probably the most expensive dust ever.

Watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, you name it. Diamonds can readily fit anywhere, and in creative hands, they do wonders. Next time, while gifting a symbol of respect, love, and admiration to someone special, think about gifting a diamond from a renowned place like Motisons Jewellers.

Diamond Jewelry – A Perfect Fashion Statement Of All Time

As far as diamonds are concerned, these come in various shapes and sizes. In fact, they are even very much customizable. You can simply get a classic that is as rare as you are. Well, the limit does not end with the shape and sizes; you can even get a diamond gem of colored accent. After all, mother nature has so much to offer. Read this guide to know about diamond jewelry – a perfect fashion statement of all time.

Diamond Jewellery

Rare and luxurious

Stones get the maximum attention; it has always lived up to the mark of being a luxury item. And, why not! Diamond jewelry, the perfect fashion statement of all time! You do not have to wear a particular outfit that matches your diamond jewelry. If it’s a diamond, it goes off well with everything.

Since diamonds are usually represented as the symbol of love, these are the most popular as engagement rings. On the other hand, if you are looking for an exquisite gift, a diamond pendant will not disappoint you at all. It’s the beauty of Mother Nature that it reaps the best out of the best for us.

Always trendy

When it is about trends, there are often variations in the shapes and sizes of the stone. Sometimes, there are color accents while at other times, it’s the classics that rule. They are such a charm that it never goes out of fashion, and one can use one such stone alone as a fashion statement.

Shapes and Sizes

Diamonds are the hardest stones of all. Yet, it can easily be turned into the form you want. It can be personalized and put into a ring, pendant, etc. as per your requirement. After all, diamonds reflect your personality, and so the options shall not be compromised.

On the other hand, there are different sizes of diamonds. Yet, you can make a diamond stone look more prominent than its actual size if you get it in a halo ring. That’s the beauty of such rings. It enhances the stone which makes it look bigger than actual. If not, go for the classics or even the colored accents to standout.

Buying diamond stones needs attention and caution. Since it is a luxury stone, there are chances of fraudulent as well. If you ever face a problem regarding higher tax payment of your jewelry or if you have been charged more in the name of terms and conditions that you doubt, you have got help. Motisons Jewellers is here to solve all your problems with the buying of your stone. All you need is to reach out to the site. Rest is their job to get things done for you.

The Ultimate Guide for Buying Diamond Earrings Online

Diamond earrings are one of the best jewelry items to own. Whether you want to give it a loved one or you’re buying it for yourself, you can never regret investing in them. Diamond earrings are elegant and timeless piece of jewelry, which you can wear on any occasion for as many times as you want.

This guide will help you buy stunning diamond earrings online. Let’s begin!

Choosing the right diamonds: The 4Cs of diamond

Thanks to the popularity of diamonds; there are plenty of earrings, rings, etc. to choose from. Before you go into a shop or an online jewelry store, you must have a clear idea of what type of earring you are looking for. Do you have a fixed design preference? Are you on a budget? Have you decided on the right size to buy?

Buy Earrings Online

The 4Cs of a diamond – clarity, cut, color, and carat weight can help you here.

Carat: Carat refers to the weight of the diamonds. When buying a pair of earrings, the carat is the combined weight of both the individual pieces. For example, if your earring weighs 1 carat, then you have two 0.5 carat earrings. As the carat weight increases, the flaws in the stone will become more visible. This will force you to go for high-quality diamonds.

Cut: Out of the 4cs, the cut of the diamond is very important in earrings. The most popular kinds of cuts in diamond stud earrings are princess cut and round cuts. The cut of the diamond plays an important role in enhancing their shine and beauty.

Color: Colorless diamonds are of the highest grade and most rare and hence highly expensive. While choosing diamond earrings, you can go for colorless or near-colorless diamonds.

Clarity: Color and clarity are less important when buying diamond earrings because they are less visible than a ring. People are unlikely to stick their faces close to your ears to have a look at the stone.

The setting and back of the diamond earrings

You can find several types of diamond earrings in various settings. Some of the popular settings are – martini style, basket style, and crown style. Designers are now going for more advanced styles like heart-shaped, letters, or emojis. The setting is important for the security and comfort of the diamond earrings.

Earring backs are also important as they safeguard your earrings from falling out. The best types of backs are screw backs, butterfly backs, and locking backs.

Choosing the metal for your diamond earrings

Precious metals like Gold and Platinum are the most favored metals for your diamond earrings. If you plan to spend more money on the diamond carat and clarity, then you can go for affordable metals like titanium.

You can also pick unique colors for the metal base like rose gold or black gold. They make unusual settings for your diamond earrings and are bold and edgy.

If you’re still confused, you can select metals according to your skin tone or match them with other jewelry pieces.

Motisons Jewellers offers you a wide and stunning range of diamond earrings. Start exploring our collection online now!